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In Washington State, some of the rules and regulations regarding medical malpractice claims favor the injured party, while others favor physicians and medical centers. Consulting a personal injury attorney experienced in this area will increase your chances in recovering damages in a medical malpractice claim.

Who can be sued for medical malpractice?

Persons or entities licensed to provide medical treatment or services in Washington State can be held liable for any medically negligent acts. This can include hospitals, doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, and other health care providers.



Nursing Homes





Caps on Medical Malpractice in Washington State

Although Washington lawmakers passed a law capping the amount of noneconomic damages a plaintiff could recover in a medical malpractice lawsuit, Washington courts have declared it unconstitutional and struck it down. There is currently no limit on the amount of noneconomic damages, such as pain, suffering, and loss of consortium, in Washington State.

Statute of Limitations

The case must be filed within three years from the date of the injury. This statute of limitations also applies to vehicle damage.

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