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Family Law

Domestic Violence Relief

Domestic Violence Protection Orders

When someone is in imminent danger of physical harm or any form of domestic violence, the court can enter a protection order to secure his or her safe keeping. Domestic Violence Protection Orders may prohibit a party from initiating contact with the threatened individual and affected minors. Additionally, the restrained person may be prohibited from coming within a specific distance of the protected individual(s).

Violent acts and even threats of violence necessitate an order of protection. Washington courts have demonstrated zero-tolerance for acts of domestic violence; therefore, access to domestic violence relief through the courts is broad, allowing victims to easily pursue the protection they need.

Domestic violence protection orders can vary depending on the unique circumstances of each case. In family law cases, orders of protection often involve special provisions for child visitation, exchanges of children, and communication regarding visitation and exchange. We’re experienced in domestic violence cases, and we can help clients handle domestic violence-related issues in a way that best suits their individual circumstances.

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